McAfee stops letting foreign governments check its source code

cybersecurity software program business enterprise mcafee download stopped permitting overseas governments to check the source code of its products in advance this year, a agency spokesperson advised reuters. protection experts have warned for a while in opposition to this sort of sharing, which they claimed should open products as much as protection vulnerabilities.

moscow mainly has made greater demands for the source code of products released via western tech agencies. their stated cause for prying into the code: ensuring that there are not any mystery backdoors that could allow non-public or authorities actors to exploit vulnerabilities. of course, looking at the code could theoretically permit investigators to identify vulnerable factors to exploit in hack tries.

mcafee ended overseas government code opinions lower back in april after it broke off from intel and have become an unbiased business enterprise, the company spokesperson told reuters, though they didn’t have proof of a security issue as a result of previous opinions.

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