McAfee and Atlassian Collaborate to Deliver Cloud Security Capabilities

Today cloud appropriation is viewed as standard, with 83% of big business remaining tasks at hand expected to in the cloud by 2020 . As more associations move their remaining tasks at hand to the cloud and to remote work from home situations, security should likewise develop to address the difficulties of this new typical. As per an ongoing McAfee report, the normal endeavor associations uses 1,400 distinctive cloud administrations energizing the requirement for arrangements that are intended to make sure about the cloud. Further, industry expert firm Gartner cautions that “through 2025, 99% percent of cloud security disappointments will be the client’s fault.”1 This has made ventures search for approaches to uphold extra security controls on their cloud arrangements past what a cloud specialist organization (SaaS or IaaS) offers locally.

Atlassian is a SaaS programming powerhouse that manufactures items for content administration, programming improvement and venture the board, generally embraced by associations universally. McAfee MVISION Cloud is a main Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that gives complete perceivability and control to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, across Content and DevOps situations. The coordinated effort among Atlassian and McAfee consolidate their joint qualities to convey an upgraded cloud security answer for clients.

Key Customer Challenges

As endeavors receive cloud applications, they may see the accompanying provokes identified with cloud security:

  • Clients may inadvertently transfer delicate information on to a cloud administration for example medical coverage guarantee numbers, charge card numbers, AWS keys, and so on in. Jira Software, Confluence or other cloud applications
  • In the cutting edge venture, customary system parameters are dissolving. Most clients currently use gadgets that sit outside the endeavor firewall to get to big business cloud applications, for example, Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo.
  • Leaving worker may denounce any kind of authority or leave their accreditations effectively available. Danger of insider dangers, traded off client accounts or special access on SaaS applications should be tended to
  • Floats in arrangements of SaaS applications like Jira Software Cloud can cause accidental introduction of delicate information
  • Foundation code misconfiguration or “float,” from standard benchmarks that happen after some time in a cloud domain can uncover touchy data and increment hazard.

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Atlassian Solution

McAfee MVISION Cloud for Atlassian items help associations safely quicken their business in the accompanying manners:

  • MVISION Cloud (MVC) keeps touchy or directed information from being transferred or imparted to unapproved parties continuously, while utilizing Atlassian’s Jira Software or Confluence Cloud items. For instance: distinguishing PII (Social Security Numbers), PCI (Visa numbers), HIPAA ordered information (medical coverage guarantee number) or other Confidential Data (Mergers and Acquisitions related reports)
  • MVISION Cloud limits download/match up to unmanaged gadgets and oversee client access to Atlassian applications by implementing setting explicit strategies constraining explicit end-client activities.
  • MVISION Cloud catches the total review trail of all client action improved with danger knowledge to encourage post occurrence measurable examinations. MVC recognizes dangers from traded off records, insider dangers, special access abuse and malware contamination.
  • Clients utilize a source code store and CI/CD devices for building Cloud Native applications. McAfee MVISION Cloud coordination with Atlassian’s Bitbucket Cloud and Bamboo items distinguishes floats in arrangement from standard CIS benchmarks. It additionally guarantees that information is ensured on misconfigured assets or just inside these applications

Atlassian-McAfee Collaboration Benefits

To abridge, a chain is just as solid as its most fragile connection. The cooperation among Atlassian and consolidates their joint qualities to convey an enhanced cloud security arrangement that is a success win for the client just as the cloud supplier.

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